• Industrial park clearly delineated with a critical mass of companies and jobs. We can also note an industrial synergy between seven (7) companies in the metal processing industry;
  • 25% of all industrial jobs are grouped in three (3) food processing companies;
  • Rental program with a purchase option;
  • Well-served and prepared lands (public service);
  • Mobilization around economical development (City, RCM, CFDC);
  • Public or local recreation services (hospital, CLSC, arena, golf club, etc.);
  • Attractive cost of living;
  • Sustainable development positioning (Agenda 21);
  • Agricultural zone development (PDZA).


  • Funding available for economic diversification;
  • Investment projects for established companies;
  • Emergence of new businesses;
  • Attraction of new investments (K.A.B.S Laboratories);
  • Review of the RCM’s land use planning;
  • Alternative uses for mining heritage;
  • Rising demand for specialty foods;
  • Emergence of regional networking intensifications;
  • Sustained demand for specialized metal products;
  • Clean technologies;
  • Industrial technology development.

Industrial building purchase or construction program

  • The City’s development corporation covers the building’s purchase or construction costs depending on the investor’s needs, who will then lease the building based on the required monthly payments
  • The investor allocates all of its capital for production equipment as well as working capital
  • Once the 7-year lease is completed, the company may redeem the building according the remaining mortgage balance or renew the lease

Property tax exemptions for the construction of a brand new building

  • 1st year: 100%
  • 2nd year: 75%
  • 3rd year: 50%
  • 4th year: 25%

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