Tourism and Culture

The RCM des Sources is characterized by its landscape made of valleys, hills, and wonderful panoramas. The RCM des Sources tourist product mainly consists of a rich diversity of cultural and heritage attractions, all across the territory. From the tourism aspect, the RCM land-use plan has two visitor centres (Danville and Saint-Camille), recreational tourist sites (the Burbank pond, Trois-Lacs sector, Mont-Ham Regional Park, Danville and Saint-Camille villages), and a concentrated tourim sector (Saint-Georges Lake).

The nature, sport and outdoor offers are significant and diverse. Such attractions are principally regrouped around three (3) centres: the Mont-Ham Regional Park, the Trois-Lacs sector as well as the Burbank Pond. In recent years, the walking trail and cycle tourism network (la Route verte) have grown substantially. Furthermore, several major agrotouristic companies are located on the territory, such as Versant Rouge. There is also a variety of bed and breakfasts, quality country inns as well as hotels located in Asbestos and Danville.

With regard to dining, le Temps des Cerises offers regional fine cuisine whose reputation reflects on the community at large. With respect to events, the Arts Symposium of Danville as well as the Récolte des couleurs both became front-line events. Thanks to the Music Camp, we now have a hosting capacity in order to greet corporate meetings. This will enable us to offer business travel services from now on.
The RCM is committed to welcome people and manages the tourist information office. It also works on the tourism development and promotion in its territory, and takes part to the Tourism Committee Board of directors. Furthermore, it manages the tourist information office (TIO) located in Danville. We should also mention the addition of the brand new ‘‘’’ reservation center in our tourist office. Regarding the territory’s tourism promotion, the RCM decided to invest in tools, such as the web that aims at promoting the region’s local tourist attractions and activities. The tourism industry regroups sixty (60) tourism companies or operators on the territory. Such industry employs nearly 150 people, but such count can greatly fluctuate during summer.

The RCM focuses on the Mont-Ham Regional Park in order to turn it into a major tourist product that can generate overnight stays as well as a great tourist product and service secondary offer (accomodations, gas stations, shops, etc.)



Famous artists reside on the RCM des Sources territory and contribute to its high level of visibility. You can discover the creative power of our artists in the private or public art galleries, such as the Symposium of Danville, the Espace Hortense in St-Camille, or the Asbestos library. You will also see it through the wonderful work of craftspeople as well as the performing artists (P’tit Bonheur, La Meunerie).

In order to keep the heritage alive, the mineralogical window in the Asbestos library as well as the Remembrance Museum in Saint-Camille display historical objects and artifacts.

The RCM des Sources supports social economy enterprises involved in the cultural industry, such as the Asbestos Music Camp as well as the P’tit bonheur in Saint-Camille and is proud to contribute to cultural events.

In 2013, the tourism and cultural sector supported nearly a dozen projects that generated $518,525 in investments.
Useful links for the cultural segment (in French only)

  • Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine
  • Conseil de la culture de l’Estrie

RAVIR (Regroupement des artistes vivants sur le territoire de la MRC des Sources)