Business Tools

Do you have a project in mind? Here are a few tools to help you get started. We invite you to take a look at them and start by putting your project in writing. Then, schedule an appointment with one of our counselors to get sound advice as well as assistance with your project.

During your initial consultation:

Below is a list of information you will need in order to undertake your business project. In your first meeting with one of our advisors, rest assured that we will guide and help you get everything you need to launch your business, should your information be incomplete.

  • Business plan or descriptive sheet;
  • Complete and sign the application for financial assistance;
  • Personal balance sheet sworn by each promoter;
  • Quebec Business Number (NEQ), if applicable;
  • GST/QST Tax Numbers, if applicable;
  • Shareholders agreement, if applicable;
  • In-house financial statements for the past two years, if applicable;
  • External financial statements for the past two years, if applicable;
  • List of payable and receivable accounts, if applicable;
  • Credit bureau score (Équifax). Shall be made no later than 30 days prior to the submission of the financial assistance application.


You must provide the following documentation upon the signature of the agreement:

  • A cheque covering the administration charges (1.5% of the allocated amount)
    (LIF – Regular, LIF – Succession and dedicated funds);
  • A void cheque as well as the signed preauthorized debit authorization;
  • A life insurance for each promoter with the designation of the Local Developmemt Centre (LDC) des Sources as the irrevocable beneficiary for the loan amount ($7,500 and up);
  • Driver’s license or health insurance card (if the financial assistance application is submitted to the Young Promoters Fund);
  • Personal guarantee from each promoter (upon signature of the agreement);
  • Proof of deposit for each promoter’s down payment;
  • Letter of offer from other financiers, if applicable.

Checklist in printable format (PDF document) is available here (in French only)

Business plan or descriptive sheet

Before you start your business, structure your project by drafting a business plan. A descriptive sheet of your project could help you get started if this is your first time. Your business plan will be your best ally through the various steps of the project, such as the financial assistance application.

Business plan and descriptive sheet in printable format (Word documents) are available here (in French only)
Business plan
Fiche descriptive

Financial Statements

In order to obtain financial assistance, you must provide your personal balance sheets as well as financial forecasts. For further details on all the required information to deliver, please consult the following templates (Excel documents)available in French only:

Financial Forecasts
Personal balance sheet